Organ waiting lists are a tragic reality of our current level of medicine. By using the organs of those we couldn’t save we may be able to save others. It’s making the best out of a horrible situation, but because of 3D printed organs we may not have to for much longer!

3D printed organs could completely remove the suffering and dread of being on a waiting list. They have the potential to turn organ failure into a nuisance. An unlimited Supply of tailor-made organs!

Tired of that weak rusty Heart? For a limited time when you buy a heart replacement get a free liver included!

Maybe that’s a bit too optimistic, but a future where someone with a family history of heart disease may have a spare heart printed just in case could be on the horizon.

3D Printed Organs have another benefit over traditional transplants.

Other than the ability to create as many as we need, 3D printed organs have other great benefits. Because they’d be printed from one’s own cells the risk of rejection is reduced or eliminated completely. And this is a HUGE benefit.

Another sad reality of current medicine is the risk of rejection after a transplant. Rejection can be fatal and even if the transplant takes, the recipient will have to take immunosuppressant drugs the rest of their lives.

Anti-Rejection medication shouldn't be needed with 3D printed organs

Yes, that’s right the rest of their lives. Like forever. A current transplant isn’t a one and done thing. It requires constant medication to keep their own immune system from attacking the organ. It’s a small price to pay for a working heart, but 3D Printed organs shouldn’t have these problems.

Thanks to the hard work of so many brilliant doctors and scientists this amazing technology advances closer to commercial use every day! A future where our lives aren’t tied to our weakest organ. Where a transplant is over once you wake up and doesn’t have to be managed the rest of your life.

Along with 3D printed organs there are also brilliant advances being made in life extension as a whole which you can learn about here.

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