Elon Musk is at it again with another one of his crazy ventures. Neuralink is a project currently in the works to create the worlds most advanced machine-brain interface. He believes that by implanting really, really tiny electrodes in the brain we can create a interface with our electronics.

This concept has both immediate and lofty goals with deep transhumanist influences.

Neuralink’s Near Term goals

The Neuralink team believes that these tiny electrodes implanted in the brain can be used to control our devices. It would be something akin to technological telepathy. You would be able to do everything you can on your phone without ever actually touching it.

Neuralink implant
Neuralink First Generation implant. From Neuralink launch event

Very cool, but the real utility would be for people with nerve damage. Someone paralyzed could bypass the damage with a transceiver, and control their body again. It would also give people with bionic limbs a way to finely control them. The Electrodes can also relay information back to the neurons. This means it may be possible have prosthetics that can have a sense of touch.

For the average person it could tell you when you have a text. You would know instantly. You could turn off your lights, put on music and do any other smart home-esque things. All without lifting a finger. But the aspirations are much greater than that.

Neuralink’s Long Term Goal

This is generally where things get a bit weird. It’s fairly well known that Elon Musk has serious concerns with the creation of artificial intelligence. He believes that if we create one, it could quickly surpass us and lead to our destruction.

The hope is that by shortening the gap between man and machine we wouldn’t get left behind

Neuralink would greatly expand the bandwidth between human and machine. We already exist in a quasi-cyborg state with our phones and all the devices around us. But our bandwidth is limited to typing, talking, swiping and gestures. These are the best tools we have to interface right now but they’re not our goal. We want to know that Wikipedia article, or to write on a blog. But to do that we must type, swipe, and gesture.

Neural link hopes to remove the middle man. You would just instantly know the Wikipedia article when you wanted to. I could just let my thoughts flow freely without having to press all these little buttons. With Such a large pipeline of information we could understand each other, and the machines much better. This leads to the concept of a transhumanism and singularity but that’s a topic for a different time.

So, what are your thoughts? does the concept excite or scare you in the near or long term. Do you think it’s even possible?

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