Batteries have improved significantly since the days of the Sony Walkman, yet, not nearly as much as many other technologies. They’ve moved along at a slow pace primarily due to a lack of interest, and investment from other sectors. Luckily, this is likely to change in the near future. Due to increased attention from massive industries, batteries are quickly becoming a sexy industry.

Although we are limited by the constraints of physics, technology generally innovates proportionally to interest and resources that are directed towards it. If no one cares about something, the technology won’t improve very quickly.

Batteries were in this category for a long time, but with the invention of smartphones, and increase in clean energy sentiments, The battery has become a much more necessary technology. This has also highlighted how far they have lagged behind. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this DEEPLY wishes their phone had more battery. So much so that many people buy new phones every year just for the extra few minutes.

Battery life is still a limiting factor on most phones

With such massive market incentive to create longer lasting, batteries, the industry has seen massive investments. This is a great change since the past few decades. This has brought the technology to the point where it can be used in other industries. Grid wide energy storage and electric cars are two promising uses. This in turn allows those industries to put their own resources into improving the technology.

I’ll make posts on each of the specific types of advanced batteries that are showing promise. In the mean time if you want to learn about your robot overlords click here

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