Modern medicine has made brilliant advances in detecting and treating diseases. Today we can find the cause of almost all ailments that effect the human body. Now anti-aging research has shown significant promise in treating the worst illness of all, aging. Yet, when you mention aging people tend to get a bit weird. Lots of people don’t even consider aging as an ailment.

“Things just get old right? Everything gets old.” Well yes everything decays but, by that logic we would rot away at the same speed as a piece of meat. Yet, Somehow our body is able to sustain itself for decades, where dead meat rots in a week.

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So, What is Aging Exactly?

Aging is your body slowly losing a constant battle against decay. when you’re young your body actually wins this battle, which is why you grow. The natural decay is repaired and cells multiply so fast that your body grows bigger and stronger. You’ve beat aging for years once you’ve reached adulthood. You’re kicking its butt! Unfortunately, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Your body is really good at fighting off aging when you’re young, but it slowly starts to lose its edge.

Your body’s natural defenses against aging weaken, and they can just barely sustain you through middle age. You’re losing by a tiny amount each day until finally around age 80 your body can’t keep up the fight. It’s gotten too weak and succumbs much faster.

But that’s just by itself. Without any help it can keep you going without maintenance for decades. That’s incredible! And think of this, we maintain things that can’t repair themselves all the time. We clean buildings, and paint bridges to keep them from rusting away. Now anti-aging research is beginning to give us the tools to maintain ourselves. It may be as easy as just giving our natural defenses a boost.

A rusty Car

So how does Anti-Aging Tech work?

The nitty-gritty of anti-aging technologies will definitely be the subject of lots of future posts, but generally it gives your body something it needs but isn’t getting anymore. Kinda like changing the oil in a car. The gas is food, but you need to change the oil every once in a while to. If you need to replace a part, we’ve also made great advances in making spare parts.

It’s very possible that we could innovate ourselves out of dying of old age. We would still die, but it would be on our terms when we’re ready.

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