Hello and welcome to Brilliant Advances! A blog dedicated to the incredible advances that contribute towards a better future. I’ve decided to start this blog to spread news of the wonderful advances in technology!

Recently is seems that most mainstream media are solely focused on negative, and socially charged topics. I won’t belittle those issues, but I don’t think focusing so heavily on them is healthy, especially when we’re living in the most prosperous time ever. I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts on the many things that interest me. I hope you can find something insightful that gets you excited for the future.

All the posts are my opinion of the subject matter. Although I’m sure my information gathering will improve, there is bound to be some incorrect or omitted information. (Which I’m sure the comments will tell me about. This is the internet after all.) My hope is that by immersing myself in the communities that are pushing advances forward, I can learn more about these innovative technologies and share them with you.

About Me

My name is Cesar Osorio. I’m a young man currently working as a caterer in Colorado. I run Brilliant Advances on my free time and hope to grow it into a site that can sustain itself, and maybe someday, allow me to stop serving buffets. I’ve always had a love of technology, and a desire to be involved in the support and development of it. Although I don’t have the resources to formally educate myself in all the topics I’m interested in, I refuse to not be involved in the fields I’m passionate about. By researching the brilliant advances that push us forward I can spread the word and satisfy my own curiosity.